In her conversation on #WithChude, Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham talks about her process of getting better, and what she needed istead of a pity party.

She said:

During the time when the crisis was much, that was when I had to get a team. A lot of people did not know that my manager had to get me a counselor all the way from America to talk to me. It wasn’t easy but we thank God.

I had to change some things about me; I checked for the bad habits I had and I had to stop them. I had to change the people around me, because I realized that they are not helping me. I realized that when something was wrong with me, was when they wanted to come.

I don’t need a pity party, I need someone to make me strong.

So, I had to get a new set of friends. From there, I started having a different mentality; I started rolling with different people. My manager recommended that I read more books, through that process I started getting better, and I discovered myself.