Reading List – Random Reads

Reading List – Random Reads

Chimerica’s Cherry Jones:’Everything progressive in America have been trampled on’


Moses Farrow: ‘I’d be very happy to take my Father’s Surname’


Do I really care? Woody Allen comes out fighting


The inevitable move from globalization to nationalism, predicted in 1998

The ideology of “market fundamentalism”, the belief that every aspect of social life is best organized according to economic market principle, has replaced civic spirit and discredited collective decision making.

On the follies of rich people

The very best of journalism. One that predicts the future with precision.

Our ideas of what is ‘natural’ are too often deeply dangerous

George Soros is a personal hero. This piece however effects deconstructs his essential conflict

The art of the scam

A commencement speech for our time

Dear Lord, what a takedown

An Effective critique of Jordan Peterson’s ideas

Economic growth was not, at first, intended to signify wellbeing

A growth-based global economy reliant on ever-increasing monetization of natural resources and human activity

A frightening symbol

Loooool. On bad arguments

It’s all material

A love story, truly like no other

Why you should stop caring about what other people think of you

On tough parenting

This was brutal

I am late because I have problems

Science is humility

The Baloney Detection Kit

10 very useful blogs

Socioeconomic wealth is not the only, or even the most important, metric of personal happiness.

A well considered exploration of alleged political correctness

Why society must grow beyond its evolutionary heritage

How to criticise an opponent

How to produce ideas

This has proven itself timeless, even if some of its paternalism grates

Is human progress an illusion?

The tragedy of Dr. Oz is that he was perfectly placed to help people navigate this tension in medicine — acknowledging their longing and their suffering, studying viable alternative therapies, and helping people understand and appreciate all that science has to offer.

Refusing to truly understand those who disagree with you is intellectual laziness and worse, is usually worse than what you’re accusing the Other Side of doing

The university should be a place where the dissenter doesn’t need to fear the repercussions of their dissent

Don’t lie to yourself

If abortion were in fact murder

Very important and deeply considered piece, even if I disagree with its premise

The Man Who Knew Too Little – The New York Times

Gaming a system is not the kind of entrepreneurship we should admire

Good people on all sides, struggling with love and morality.